Below are links to the eleven sermons from a series we did at The Church in Waldo called “Be” where we learned to pray through several psalms together. All are preached by Peter Assad except those noted otherwise. To listen, simply click the title and it will redirect you to the sermon audio.

Be Happy (Psalm 1)
Where can happiness be found? Is it even possible? The answer may surprise you.

Be Real (Psalm 13)
In the midst of our fears, is there hope for us at all? The way out, is through.

Be Blessed (Psalm 32)
We talk about being “blessed,” but maybe our definition is off. What does a truly blessed life look like? And can you experience it?

Be Hopeful (Psalm 42)
Have you ever felt dry before? Nothing changed really, except that everything did. What can you do to feel hope again?

Be Good Stewards (Psalm 8) by Greg Guthrie
Are we part of something bigger than ourselves? What does that mean for us?

Because of who he is (Psalm 100)
What brings you joy? And what should the response be?

Be 4G (Psalm 145)
When you find yourself in the lowest place imaginable, what can provide you some perspective and help you get back up again?

Be Confident (Psalm 103) by Connor Coday
Where have you placed your confidence in lately? Is it really strong enough to bear the entire weight of it all?

Be At Rest (Psalm 116) by Connor Coday
What does it look like to find rest in a world that keeps furiously spinning along?

Be Unique (Psalm 139)
You are no accident. Everything in your life has purpose as you learn to live and love right where you are.

Be His (Psalm 23)
We’re all following something or someone. What’s really leading your life?

Finally, here’s a prayer guide you can use to help you grow in your walk: Daily Prayer pdf.