About the Blog:
Perhaps at first glance, “of the devoted” may seem to allude that this blog is written from the perspective of a devoted individual, but rather than the word “of” meaning “from,” let it instead mean “about.” Let me ease your mind, this is not a website dedicated to me, because let’s face it, though I may say I love something one minute, the next something else has grabbed a hold of my attentions and affections, causing me to forsake my first love.

Instead, it is about THE devoted individual: devoted to the point of death and beyond it, devoted from even before the creation of the first atom (let alone Adam), and devoted to the salvation of His creation no matter how erring they might be. He’s the Creator, Sustainer, Provider, Defender, Savior, Vindicator, Counselor, Comforter, Keeper, and Master of all things. He will never leave, never neglect, never forsake, never relent His love and is completely and utterly devoted to the uttermost. He is the Devoted. He is Jesus.

About the Author:
Peter Assad is married to his wife Grace, lives in Kansas City, and pastors the Church in Waldo which exists to know Jesus and make Him known. This blog serves several purposes, but it’s primarily a way to record what God is teaching me, what God is doing in and through our church, dealing with biblical issues & christian living, talk worship & liturgy, songwriting, and whatever else comes to mind.

Please join our ministry by partnering with us in prayer. We recognize that it’s God alone who adds to the church (Acts 2:47), God alone who provides growth (I Cor. 3:5-9), and God alone who conforms His people to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29). We pray, not to escape from the work, but to say “God, if we rely on our strength and we don’t abide in Your love, then nothing will be accomplished. We trust in Your strength. Your love. Your hope. Let the world see You. We join You in Your mission.”

If you have any questions about ways to get involved, please email me at passad618@gmail.com.


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