Really soaking this up. Even aside from the stuff he says in the video, the acronym at the front end is really insightful:

I – items
D – duties
O – others
L – longings
S – sufferings

We often look to one or more (or all) of those things instead of God.
-Items… stuff. We look to stuff.
-Duties… to what we do.
-Others… to what people say or really even just people themselves as if to say “my wife/kid/friend is my god – my everything.”
-Longings… what we yearn for and aspire toward.
-Sufferings… sometimes we even idolize the pain we’ve endured and revel as the victim.

But in each of these cases, God is better. Better than all the items we could ever want. He performed the only duty that has given us value. His is the only opinion that matters. He is our greatest desire. And He was the victim so we will never have to be again.

God is better. He’s the one that we need.


One thought on “Idols

  1. I needed this video tonight. In the midst of real and raw pain, I have been desperate to craft a new identity-one that’s something along the lines of “the girl who survived.” No matter the pain, may it only, ever be Christ who makes me new.

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