tag, you’re it.

‎@christians-everywhere: stop reading the Bible however you deem fit. It is God’s revealed word to you about himself. You don’t get to determine what the interpretation should be. You will be asked to do things you don’t like to do. Things you would naturally oppose. Things that you will be hated for… and why would you expect any differently since even Jesus your Lord was hated and put to death because of it? If you truly worship the God of the bible, your obligation is to conform to his will rather than demand he conform to yours. On the flipside, how dare you bless your Maker and curse the image of God in your neighbor with the very same breath? What has possessed you to think God is remotely pleased with your hatred? Your dehumanization of any individual to somehow elevate yourself in your own eyes is a testimony to your own deficient understanding of the grace of God abundantly lavished on your soul. You claim to do the very work of God: when was the last time you waited two and a half hours to serve at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter? In your passion to “hate the sin,” have you neglected to “love the sinner”? Examine yourself and question whether or not you are even of the faith.

@nonchristians-everywhere: I’ll be the first to say it and in a lot of ways I’m the most guilty of it… I am a hypocrite. The things I’m telling christians to do, I fail at.
But what makes me unloving, judgmental, & bigoted is the exact same thing that fuels your unloving, judgmental, & bigoted response. Sin. At our core, we love ourselves. We prefer those like us. We cling to ideals that fit within our own values and as soon as we’re crossed, we react. But we were created for something better.
The mere fact that we have a Maker should indicate to us that we are indebted. The God we have wronged is the God who sustains us in this moment, allowing breath to fill up our lungs and blood to course through our veins. Yet though we rebelled against our Creator & Sustainer, having said that we wanted to do things our way and having since spent the entirety of our lives trying to erase him from history, in love he pursued mankind to provide a way back to himself through his son Jesus.
This message is for all. It’s meant to be both spoken & lived out through the love of christians. If a christian isn’t speaking this to you, they don’t genuinely love you. If a christian isn’t living this out for you to see, they don’t genuinely love you. If they don’t genuinely love you, then they don’t love God, either. What they want is a God they can invite into their life that stays in his nice little corner, rather than one who comes in and breaks down everything that is opposing to him. The good news is this isn’t the end. He will redeem and restore what is his back to himself.
I am sorry for the times I have been unloving to you. I am sorry for the ways I have loved myself more that you… for the times I haven’t loved God. And any of the times that I have loved you fully has only been because of the grace God has poured out on me.


One thought on “tag, you’re it.

  1. great insight. I want to love right. I want God to break down walls in my heart. I will be in prayer. Thank you for your sincerity. God bless.

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