Jesus Loves You

“Jesus loves you” …is this just a trite little saying? As with anything, you need to know the context. Not only have we missed the mark of God’s high standard, not only are we so perversely warped by sin, but in addition to these things we chose to willfully rebel against our Holy Creator God. Consider this during our finals hours of the Advent season: Immanuel, God with us. Jesus did not exist until the Son of God (who is eternal and has always existed) chose to come in human form to reach us as the Word made flesh, known as Jesus (meaning Savior).
“Jesus loves you” is quite possibly one of the deepest and most intricate of theological statements (and I’d say that this simple phrase is the most convicting, comforting, and compelling things I have or will ever hear), because it implies four huge truths:
(1)man needed a Savior who could only be God in human form,
(2)that Savior not only loved us to the point of death but continually loves us (meaning He did not merely die but must have risen from the dead),
(3)this love is not vague or general but is in fact intensely personal,
(4)and He will never cease to love any He has chosen to set His love on since this love is based out of His character rather than being based on something we have done or haven’t done, because if this were the case, we could likewise lose that affection by something we do or neglect to do.

In case you haven’t heard this before, let me be quite clear:
Jesus. Loves. You.


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