Life: Life of Love Poured Out

So much can be said about this incredible hymn by F. Allaben, but I will let you soak it all in without commentary. I will say this, though: we serve a God who not only is Love, but radically redefines the love that our culture holds to.

p.s. click “listen” to hear the song and “learn” to check out the chord chart.
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Life: Life of Love Poured Out listen | learn

Life: life of Love poured out, fragrant and holy!
Life: ‘mid rude thorns of earth, stainless and sweet!
Life: whence God’s face of love, glorious, but lowly,
Shines forth to bow us, low at Thy feet!

Grief: grief of Love, that drew hate’s every arrow!
Grief: that Thy suffering heart only could meet.
Grief: whence Thy face of love, shining in sorrow,
Draws us, adoring, low at Thy feet!

Death: death of stricken Love, wrath’s sea exploring!
Death: Life’s mysterious death — deep meeting deep;
Death: whence Thy bursting heart fills ours, outpouring
All, Lord, in worship, low at Thy feet!


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