He gets it

As told by a mother of triplets:

“Delivered Easter baskets to elderly people in Jersey City. [The triplets] shared the resurrection story with them and one 92 year old lady said, ‘I hope I go to heaven where Jesus is so I can say thank Him for what He did on the cross.’ Michael replied, ‘Did you ever ask Jesus to live in your heart?’ The lady said, ‘all the time; I always try to be a good person and do good things.’ Mikey laughed, ‘everyday? That’s silly, you just have to ask once and He will. I try to do good fings too, but sometimes I don’t, that’s called a sin, but Jesus forgives me if I ask Him; He knows I am trying. But don’t annoy Him with the same question over and over, if you ask Him only one time He’ll take you to heaven when you die and you’ll get a new body, cause people throw your dead body under the dirt when you die, but not Jesus, He never let’s you get dead, He takes care of us to infinity and beyond.”

So his theology is a little off, but you know what? This kid gets it.

Confounded by the comprehension of a four year old.


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