Praise the King

A couple months ago, my wife gave me what is probably some of the best advice I have ever heard. I was complaining about being in a dry spell lyrically and she turned without much hesitation to say, “Peter, when’s the last time you read the Bible just to simply be with God?”

Answer: I honestly couldn’t even remember. Jesus doesn’t want our habits, our discipline, or even our songs; He wants our hearts. Yeah, He’ll take the other stuff, but it’s our heart that He’s after – that’s why He died for us in the first place.

Hilariously enough (and it’s amazing to me how God does this), within a few minutes of spending time with Him, He put a new song on my heart. Go figure, right?

“Worship isn’t about what we get, it’s about what we give!” I’ve heard said for as long as I can remember. There is certainly truth to this statement, but it has to all be in light of the ultimate offering given for us, otherwise, it’s simply “deadly doing.”

Oh! And this recording is the first one I’ve done on garageband… just got my first mac!


Praise the King listenlearn
O worship the King, Creator and Sustainer
Who, when we were lost, stepped down to be our Savior
He left His glorious throne on high
So guilty worms from sin might rise

O worship the King, the Author and Perfecter
Who died for our sin so we could gain His favor
Consider Him who loved from the start
So we could live and not lose heart

O praise the King, He is our offering
Raise your voice to sing for our God is King

O worship the King, the blessed God forever
Who reigns from on high exalted now in splendor
And as our Great High Priest, intercedes:
On our behalf His blood He pleads

O praise the King, He is our offering
Raise your voice to sing for our God is King


4 thoughts on “Praise the King

  1. Agree (with Steph and with you of course). The gift of writing scriptural godly songs is not separate from the Giver. Many times I’ve experienced a dry spell even in just the simple writing of a note of encouragement. Only when I acknowledge before God that He is the Encourager and the One who gives the word in season, only then am I able to put down what is worthwhile. He really is the Giver, and we who rely on Him are the “pen of a ready Writer”. And yes, He is amazing.

    1. That’s such a great point… it takes man out of God’s place, because as the Giver of every good and perfect gift, He alone is the one who should rightfully receive all blessing, honor, glory, and power.

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