God is Enough

In his blog, Bob Kauflin said “Whenever I think I can’t worship God unless ‘X’ is present, I’m making a profound statement. If ‘X’ is anything other than Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I’ve moved into idolatrous territory.”

How true? How often have I done this with things (even good things)?

Often times this is a criticism (and rightfully so) toward the younger generations in churches when saying “we need drums to really worship!” or “give us ‘trading my sorrows!'” (by the way, I hope no one still asks for that song, but I digress…)

However, the same idea can also be turned around to say “Whenever I think I can’t worship God BECAUSE ‘X’ is present…I’ve moved into idolatrous territory.”

As soon as we let our preferences hinder our worship of God, we’ve become enslaved to them (I’m using the word ‘worship’ here in the narrow sense… meaning a corporate gathering, rather than moment by moment personal worship, though I’m referring mainly to music at this particular time). Really, we’ve been mastered by our tastes, rather than letting them serve as a vehicle by which the whole body (young and old, liberal and conservative, traditional and nontraditional) can praise their Lord.

All this to say: God is enough. He’s enough for salvation; surely He’s enough for our worship.


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