Precious Savior, Lead Me On

A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet an elderly gentleman at a Bible conference between seminars. I can’t even remember his name, yet his example continues to convict and challenge me.

It was right after lunch and I was on the hunt for a piano. I knew there must have been one somewhere, after all, every church building has at least one, right? During my epic quest, I came across a room with the lights off, door locked, and there was someone on the ground praying. As I peered in more closely through the window, I heard this 94 year old man just utter the words “Precious Savior” and then he broke down weeping.

I was staggered.

Perhaps after the long and hard life this man had lived, nothing was more precious or valuable to him than Jesus Christ his Savior, and just talking to Him could bring this man to tears because of the joy of walking together day after day after day. This song is about the journey that we begin once God has saved us and the joy of being led by the Good Shepherd.

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Precious Savior, Lead Me On listenlearn

verse 1
When I lived in endless night
Blinded to the dawn
You stepped down and gave me sight
Precious Savior, lead me on

Precious Savior, lead me on
Through the night and stormy way
Guide me, Lord, to endless day
Precious Savior, lead me on
Precious Savior, lead me on

verse 2
When the storms of life appear
And the journey’s long
Help me trust that You are near
Precious Savior, lead me on


verse 3
When my days on earth have passed
And my tears are gone
I will see Your face at last
Precious Savior, I am home



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