Highly Exalted

In 2007, Robin Mark and Paul Baloche wrote this song that centers around the theme of Christ as the suffering servant spoken about in Isaiah 53… the lyrics even quote several phrases and ideas from that chapter.

However, the song seemed a bit unfinished to me. Granted, not every song has to talk about Christ in His life, death, resurrection, intercession, etc…, but I still thought this one could continue with the theme hinted at from Philippians 2 of the Father giving Jesus a name that is above every name, so I took a shot at writing some additional lyrics (verses 3 & 4, the second prechorus, and bridge).

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Highly Exalted | listenlearn

verse 1
You were despised; You were rejected,
Lord, those who passed by even averted their gaze from the sight,
Such was the suffering You bore for us

verse 2
Led like a lamb, a lamb to the slaughter,
You spoke not a word, but chose to be silent though You did no wrong,
Nor was deceitfulness found in You

prechorus 1
Yet by Your wounds our salvation has come,
Yet by Your suffering our freedom is won.

God has highly exalted Your name;
He has enthroned You on high;
Jesus, the name above all names.

verse 3
With Your last breath, You have accomplished
Your Father’s request, paying our sinful debt with Your own death
Trampling our sins underneath Your feet

verse 4
Out from the tomb, Jesus, You’ve risen
And now by Your grace we have been given new life in Your name
Longing the day You return for us

prechorus 2
Worthy alone is the Lamb who was slain
To receive power and honor and praise


We fall down
And confess
Jesus Christ is Lord
(4x – then sung during the chorus)



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